eunice oh (__aishuu) wrote in kenoakband,
eunice oh


Wow this community is dead ):

I just watched Ken Oak band play at the Doubletree Hotel in San Diego for KASCON XXI. I was seriously moved by the sounds of the acoustic guitar and the cello. My favorite songs are Grace Falls and Summer Kiss..

We partied after the concert too...shame I lost my camera though..I lost all the picture I took with them..including a priceless shot of them doing tai chi. They're so chill and down to earth...Ed is my favorite though. hahaha We were getting regulated on by the hotel supervisors so we had to bail out of the hotel room and hop on over to another hotel room....and Ed had hid the bottle of Jack Daniels in his sweater, giggling.

I want to continue to support them so I looked them up on livejournal. I want to buy their CD toooo~
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